b-pod volume purchasing and economies of scale allow us to achieve a cost base which is far lower than traditional construction methods. Cost savings are immediately passed on as lower prices to our customers. Using Pods greatly reduce key build costs

  • Project build time significantly reduced and less risk of delays to programme
  • Carbon footprint reduced because of fewer material deliveries to site
  • Reduced risk of on site health and safety issues
  • Less waste removal from site
  • Supervision of skilled labour onsite is significantly reduced
  • Level of quality achieved significantly reduces snagging issues and associated management costs
  • Ease of procurement for client
  • Quality bench mark agreed prior to delivery
  • Reduced risk of fittings such as toilets and washbasins being damaged on site
  • Strict deadlines are achievable

The Environment

Greater efficiencies mean that off site manufacturing is far better for the environment in terms of a lower carbon footprint, lower levels of waste and reduced transportation of components.